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Things to Know for Your Home

  • Water Main Shut-off:Either in the sidewalk under a plate marked "WATER" or in the garage with a shut-off lever in a pipe extending from the wall.
  • Gas Main:Shut-off is usually by the gas meter on the side of your home or in the sidewalk under a plate marked "Gas Meter."
  • Sink Faucets: Have Hot and Cold shut-off valves under the sink to control individual water lines.
  • Toilets: Towards the base of the toilet where the water line comes from the wall is a shut-off valve.
  • Electrical Panel: Check garage, laundry room or outside on the side of the house. Most breakers are labeled for specific areas of the house and appliances
  • GFCI Receptacles: Usually installed in areas where water is present such as kitchens and bathrooms. Often there is a MAIN GFCI located in the garage or laundry room. If you find one of these receptacles not working, press the RESET button on the receptacle to reset. If that does not work find the master GFCI and do the same thing. If the receptacle still doesn't work it may need to be replaced.
  • Smoke Detectors: Have approximately a 10 year life span. If they beep and you change the battery and they continue to beep, they need to be replaced. Make sure you have 1 carbon monoxide unit as well.
  • Landscaping Watering Clocks: Make sure you or your Landscaping Company changes your clock according to the seasons. This prevents over-watering or under-watering your plants.

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MY Experience  -  From Porch.com

My wife and I generally spend the summer months up north. When we leave, we always return to a long list of things, along with fall maintenance, that need to be completed. I am in the habit of completing the list myself, but lately completing the list myself  has become a drag. I would rather spend time with my wife, or on the golf course. I contacted “We Can Do It” to come over for a few small errands, In the end, they accomplished nearly my entire “Honey Do” List. We’ve finally found someone we can count on to complete the list before we return next fall, it will be done before we walk in the door. They are on time, they communicate Very Well, and their prices are spot on.
                                                  Mike & Suzi R.


October 29, 2015 - From Angie’s List

Grade A

An assortment of odds and ends that needed fixing.  This included a wonky ceiling fan, putting a secure lock on my patio door, sealing a leak in the shower, fixing plaster, matching the paint and repainting the repaired areas and installing grab bars in the bathroom.

Member Comments: 
Debbie and Bev are very meticulous about their work.  They go the extra mile to research what they need to get to do a top notch repair.  When called they take meticulous notes about what you want done and will let you know up front if they can do the job or not.  Friendly, courteous and great quality repair work.
                                                        Stephan A.

12/16/16 - From Square Up

Thoroughness, Quality, Customer Service, Friendly, Efficient and job well done!!   Thank you!
                                     Terri & Jack C.

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